Why Chapa

A 100 businesses in Ethiopia and counting

Local Fixes for Your World Wide Transactions

Whether it be through digital banking, payment apps, or card products, Chapa is at your service to assist you in setting forth your very own payment methods for worldwide use. We are your all-in-one solution - providing you end-to-end fixes and the smoothest white-label products.

Switching Our Traditional System

Join our program and learn to invest on asset. Earn from buying, selling and exchanging assets. Asset can also be transferred within platform. The value of asset changes every 1hour based on live market prices

Providing fixes for Life saving

Chapa offers data-based solutions for analytics, risk management, and retail services. Tracking your transaction data will no longer be your headache, Chapa will handle that for you. You worry about how to grow your business we worry about your transaction data.

Securing Your Payment

We guarantee your transactions & financial details are out of harm's way by keeping them private and secure.

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