Create a Payment link
using Chapa

A payment link is an online payment method where a request for online payment is generated and shared by the merchant to the customer, to make instant online payments.The payment collection is done either via the payment link or a QR code.

Create my own Payment Link
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How to create a Payment Link
Login/Sign Up on the dashborad
If you don't have an account go to Chapa's dashboard and sign up. If you have an account just log in.
Create a payment link
Once you're logged in on the left side of the tab you'll click on the one that says payment link. Clicked the tab there will be a button that says create payment link. Input all the prompts in the modal.
Share it with your customer
Once you've created your payment link click on the share button on the card you just created. You'll see that you'll have the option to share both a payment link and a QR Code.


It provides my clients with a variety of payment options: Once they arrive at your online checkout page, they can accept credit or debit card payments as well as local payment methods that Chapa provides.
- Kidus Yared, Co-founder and CEO at Ke-massa