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Chapa Developer Collection November Edition

Selam Chapists,   This month we have some exciting news! We won the 5th AlphaExpo Pitch Competition at the 8th Africa Fintech Summit by a global panel of judges from 14 startups across the continent. Nael was a rockstar with his Chapa t-shirt (yes, you can have one too!) Product Updates This month we launched Chapa Merchant App. With Chapa Merchant App, We are redefining the digital business by turning your phone into your business. Read more about it here. We also introduced Chapa Capital. We partnered with local banks to offer almost immediate underwriting using the company's revenue data on Chapa. Entrepreneurs can obtain money in as little as 24 hours without having to deal with tedious details or hours of paperwork. Read More. Last but not least, we introduced QR Code payments, As simple as customers seeing a QR code when they visit your shop/business. They complete the payment by scanning it using the Chapa or partners app. Read More Community & Open Source @Yosef did this impressive In-App purchase library for Android fam. Build something, and don't forget to tag us. Link to repo Temkin Mengistu (Chapi) wrote this fantastic blog on How to integrate the Telegram bot with Chapa Payment API (Python). Read the blog. If we miss something from our community, email or DM us so we can include it in our next series. If you have any questions, ask us. Stay Connected Follow Chapa on Twitter Join our developer community on Telegram Contact our support team Melakm Gize! Israel Goytom, on behalf of the tech team
Artificial Intelligence and Research Techniques

Chapa is a Financial Service and Global Data Engineering Company that is here...

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We are giving discounts!

...We are giving discounts for the first 30 eCommerce companies/government in...

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