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Chapa Developer Collection January Edition

Selam Chapist, Did you miss us? December was a scaling month for us, with fewer product updates. This month’s series is a set of December and January updates. But before that, how were the holidays? Christmas, Gena (Ethiopian Christmas), and New year? I hope you all have a blast. Before all, did you have a chance to listen to our podcast with Andrew Barden? If you haven’t, Enjoy it here. Product Updates We introduced Event Scanner App to onboard your attendees. We tested it with our partners, and “I have never seen such a smooth onboarding process,” said one event attendee. If you plan to have an event, make sure to use our end-to-end platform. Also if you wanna check out upcoming events, check  We added three payment methods, and you are getting closer to your customers than ever. We added new features to our merchant app. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, Download it now. Now phone_number can be passed as a first-class parameter and used as an identifier. All you have to do is add phone_number to your payload. Community & Open Source Leoul did a fantastic job with his Rust SDK; check it out here. Khalid updated Chapa-flutter. Now fallback url comes with transaction reference and paid amount value. Check out Make sure to add your or your favorite business/startup logo here. But If we miss something from our community, send us an email or DM us so that we will include it in our next series. If you have any questions, ask us. Stay Connected Follow Chapa on Twitter Join our developer community on Telegram Contact our support team Melakm Gize Israel Goytom, on behalf of the tech team
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Chapa Developer Collection August Edition

First of all Melkam Enkutatash (መልካም áŠ„áŠ•á‰áŒŁáŒŁáˆœ)...


03 September 2022 • 1 MIN READ
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Chapa Developer Collection July Edition



Selam Chapists,

One of our main goals at Chapa is to...

31 July 2022 • 1 MIN READ
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Chapa is member of Mila Startup community.

Chapa is pleased to announce our partnership with Mila - Que...

16 July 2022 • 1 MIN READ