Published November 14 2022 • 1 MIN READ

Protect Your Business With Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

How do I enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on my Chapa Dashboard?

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Israel Goytom
Co-founder - TechnoKing
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Our increased online activity has led to more cybercrimes, data breaches and hacking of people's accounts. As technology is part of our daily life, We need to go to different lengths to ensure it is safe. 

At Chapa, we are dedicated to improving our security to keep these bad actors out and our customers safe. One of the many ways of doing this is by enabling different protection methods like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). In this short blog, we discuss about how to enable 2fa on Chapa's dashboard.


What is 2fa?

2FA is an extra layer of security for digital accounts that ensures anyone accessing an account provides more than one credential to prove their identity. For example, after providing an account's email address and password, the user must still provide another credential like OTP (One-Time Pin), fingerprint or token. 


How To Set Up 2FA On Chapa

  • Log into your Chapa Dashboard
  • Click on "Settings" under your profile
  • Click on "Security"
  • Click on "Enable 2fa" at the bottom of the page


2fa Chapa

  • Download Google Authenticator from either PlayStore or AppStore.
  • After downloading the app, scan the QR code using your authenticator app and fill in the code shown in your Authenticator app. 
  • Finally, Click Enable 2fa and you are good to go!


Remember you must use your authenticator app every time you log in to your account. 


We strongly recommend you enable 2fa to protect yourself from bad online actors. 


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