Published November 16 2022 • 2 MIN READ

Keep your business closer to you with Chapa Merchant App

Introducing Chapa Merchant App

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Product Updates
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Israel Goytom
Co-founder - TechnoKing
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We're excited to announce that you can now manage your Chapa business from your phone with the Chapa Merchant App. We are redefining the digital industry by turning your phone into your business. Wait, what does this mean? It means your business Head Quarter is now located on your phone.

The convenience of Chapa Merchant

Thanks to its features, the Chapa Merchant App will make it super convenient for anyone to run their business. Let's examine how a few use cases will make it super convenient for merchants.

With Chapa Merchant App, you can turn your phone into a POS. You can generate QR codes or Payment Links inside the App and share them with anyone via SMS, Socials or AirDrop to pay you. Do you know the limitation of the physical POS that accepts cards only? With Chapa Merchant App, you can accept payments via card, telebirr, PayPal, HelloCash, etc., many times closer to your customers than ever, right? But there is more. Chapa Merchant is not only about getting paid. You can also monitor your sales, customers, transactions, and more. We merged your phone with your business, indeed.

How to setup Chapa Merchant

How to use Chapa Merchant?

When you log into the App, swipe right, and it'd reveal the menu options.

  • All your sub-accounts are displayed first, and you can switch between them by tapping them.
  • On the menu screen, "Home" keeps you on the overview of your Chapa account, where you can see a simple summary of your transactions and business.
  • "Links" lets you see all your payment links, including donation and event links. You can also filter and share right from there.
  • "QR Code" displays all available QR codes; you can save or share them from there. Your mobile POS is always available to help you accept payments.
  • "Customers" displays a list of your customers, and you can view their details. Now you know who has been paying you more :)))
  • "Balance" displays your ledger and available balances, and you can view balances in the different currencies on your account. There are also Transactions here which allows you to see all your transactions in more detail.
  • On the top right is a profile where you can switch between your accounts, see your profile and enable biometrics or FaceId to make you more secure.



Is the Chapa Merchant App a Dashboard replacement?

No, the App complements the Chapa Dashboard and is not a replacement. Use the Merchant App to manage your business on the go.

Who can use the Chapa Merchant App?

If you already have a Chapa account, you can use the App - to log into your existing account. If you don't already have a Chapa account, you can create one in minutes from the web and get started collecting payments.

Does it cost extra to use the App?

No, the App is free to use and comes at no additional cost.

Start accepting payments in minutes and monitor your business performance with the Chapa Merchant App. Chapa Merchant makes running your business more convenient than ever. In future, you'll also be able to respond to chargebacks and disputes right from the App.


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