Chapa Developer Collection August Edition

Our developer note series.

First of all Melkam Enkutatash (መልካም እንቁጣጣሽ)...


This Month is remarkable for us Ethiopians because it is the last Month of the year, and we are closest to the new year, and the New Year New Me Line is about to be everywhere. Seriously though, "Enkwan Aderesachiw."

This Month was exciting for me because we officially launched our product 🥳, and we are overwhelmed by appreciation from all over the world from fellow Ethiopians and Africans. It has been ~three weeks since the official launch, and we have already started to see great projects running on Chapa.

This Month is memorable for me because I have got two nieces ❤️ and could never be excited. So on the first taught, August has been a GREAT month! So now I am a fully licensed uncle NOW; if you need help with it, DM me 😂

As lovely as August was, I am more excited for September. In the past few months, we have been working on some new tools to help you rev your business, and we will be launching them soon; Spoiler Alert: 🚨 New Years' Party has never been easier.

Major Update: You can accept payments from 426 million PayPal users.

Yes, you read that right. One checkbox and accept payments from 426+ million users globally.

It is almost impossible for Ethiopian businesses to receive money from PayPal. With this new integration between Chapa and PayPal, PayPal's 426 million+ users is a golden opportunity for many merchants.

From our experience with MyGerd and EyezonEthiopia, many customers would like to pay using PayPal.

Millions of donors and customers couldn't easily pay Ethiopian businesses, and that's the opportunity that has just been made available to everyday Ethiopian businesses. Now Ethiopian merchants can accept payments from PayPal users worldwide easily.

Product update

  • This Month we added Split-Payments read more here.

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መልካም አዲስ አመት! Melkam Addis Amet! 🥳🍻

Israel Goytom, on behalf of the tech team.