Chapa Developer Collection July Edition

Our developer note series.



Selam Chapists,

One of our main goals at Chapa is to foster more engagement and participation within our developer community.

Our developer community is, without a doubt, one of our most significant assets. You champion our product, give us feedback to improve it and advocate for us to businesses and your friends. We genuinely appreciate this relationship and will continue to create opportunities to make it grow.

If you have not signed up on Chapa, make sure to signup and start to power your online business. If you have built fantastic stuff using our APIs or SDKs, let's know so we can feature you.

We're looking to share stories of how members of our community like you have championed Chapa's product and APIs, built tools, or/and created content that shows others how to use Chapa to power payments.

Product Updates

  • We added HTML Checkout this month : Our HTML checkout option is done entirely in HTML. You create a standard HTML form containing the payment details. When the customer submits the form, they'll be redirected to our payment page, where they can complete the payment. Read more here.

  • Yaphet from our community built a maven package, and we loved it. (Have fun building the next big thing with it)


  • 1-on-1 session: On Monday, August 22, you'll have the chance to get help with your integration or ask any questions about Chapa APIs and products in a virtual 1-on-1 session with a team member. Book your session now!

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Israel Goytom, on behalf of the tech team