The Upcoming EAIWE Workshop

Chapa’s Role In The Upcoming EAIWE Workshop

This coming April, Chapa will be participating in the upcoming Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Workshop and Expo (EAIWE), welcoming AI startups, relevant products, and services by various entities, and to be hosted by the Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Center(AIC) - a public Research and Development institute established in 2020. 


The AIC is summoned to assemble and develop a system of Artificial Intelligence research and development activities distributed among various universities, research institutes, and private Industries within Ethiopia. Developing policy and strategy; conducting research on possible ways to support the Health, Finance, Agriculture, Metrology, Aerospace, Geospatial, Transport, and manufacturing sectors with AI technologies; and taking part in capacity building are amongst the many other duties that have been assigned to the AIC. These summonses are to be carried out while having direct accountability of the Prime Minister of the FDRE. 


Amongst several events hosted by the AIC, the upcoming Workshop and Expo is one that is highly anticipated for. It is expected to help communicate with the selected stakeholders and the general public about the concept of AI and the role of the Ethiopian AI center in endorsing this new discipline in order to encourage the economic growth of the country. 


In addition, it is hoped-for to bring about- good facilitation or addressing stakeholders the fact that AIC has a very strong conviction to be a hub for researchers working on AI solutions to identified problems. The workshop will cover these issues in several sectors and will also propose various solutions.


The workshop is expected to secure funds for researching sponsorship. It is anticipated that numerous organizations and companies will commit their money and resources in return to receiving specific promotional benefits. Therefore, various standards or packages of sponsorship will be issued to different entities.


It will also be covering seven sectors - namely Finance, Health, Aerospace, Transportation, Manufacturing, Metrology. and Agriculture. Each sector will be represented by an institution - dominantly Governmental- Educational institutions.


Representing the Finance sector, Chapa is honored to be the only Shared Company amongst the other institutions. We will be hearing out prospective challenges in the Finance sector, from other participants and propose possible solutions for them in areas such as Automating ATM Card Dispute Handling, Loan Processing, Managing Financial Report Process, Audit Finding & Evaluation Process, and much more. 


We’re also ecstatic to mention that 10 principal companies/businesses will be invited on behalf of Chapa. While 5 of these companies are already hand-picked by Chapa, the other 5 seats will be chosen from our client base.

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is fill in a google form and submit.

We will send out emails to the winners to discuss further details. Don’t miss out!