About Chapa

Greasing Ethiopia’s payment infrastructure.

Behind the Name & Establishment

To connect with the youth on a deeper yet light-spirited humor, it only made sense to come up with vernacular way of saying “Money” - and with that motive, the name Chapa came to life. Established in 2020 and headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by a team of home-grown engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs

Chapa is an Ethiopian Financial Service and Global Data Engineering Company that also branches out its offices in North America, Europe as well as Asia. The inevitable increase in global trade which has been visibly troubled by inconvenient payment methods served as the strongest initiative behind the establishment of Chapa.

Chapa's Sense of Duty

Chapa stands firmly when it comes to morals and values as they are what it was mainly founded on.

  • Maintaining the security and privacy of our customers.
  • Loyalty amongst each other extends to all external parties.
  • Last but not least - Quality.

Chapa's Prime Focus

Essentially and primarily focusing on fixing and providing solutions for payment & transaction issues that are predominant in developing countries, mainly in East Africa, Chapa has acquired and established holy-grail tools, exclusive techniques, and methodologies to ensure the production of qualified hi-tech fixes for our customers.

Exploring fairly new and untouched business prospects alongside our customers, we advise and showcase the lengths and directions they can take their investments and business relationships to.

Chapa empowers companies and developers that are on the rise by offering services such as - Payment Gateways, Payment Applications and Equipment's, APIs, and much more. We are here to lend you a hand whenever you are in need of a seamless business transaction by providing access to the most inclusive financial data, secure payment methods, and Bill Aggregator Solutions.

Our Memories

Giving you the safest, quickest, and most modern approach to make and receive payments to and from anywhere in the world.

The team

We are a diversified yet solid team taking on this new, exhilarating adventure to build something timeless whilst mastering new skills on the daily.
Israel Goytom
Creative Director