Payment Processing Platform for Ethiopian Businesses.

Helping you serve international and local customers by providing access to secure digital payment solutions.

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Unlock the true potential of your product with only 6-lines of code. Chapa's API was created for developers like you.

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Local Fixes for Your Worldwide Transactions

Whether it be through digital banking, payment apps, or card products, Chapa is at your service to assist you in setting forth your very own payment methods for worldwide use. We are your all-in-one solution providing you with an end-to-end solution and the smoothest digital financial products.

Smooth Payment System!

Our online checkout offers a seamless payment experience for your customers

Provide Multiple Payment Options

Chapa offers multiple payment options - both international and local payment providers.

Secure Your Payments!

We guarantee your transactions & financial details are out of harm’s way by keeping them private and secure.

Chapa In The News

Some of our notable mentions in the news.

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Disrupt Africa Ethiopian fintech startup Chapa launches online payment gateway service for businesses

“In a short time, we have been able to demonstrate our impact by making a differ...

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Yahoo Chapa Launches the First Payment Gateway in Ethiopia

As part of its 2025 vision to connect Ethiopia to the global economy, Chapa reve...

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Bloomberg Chapa Launches the First Payment Gateway in Ethiopia

Chapa was founded in 2020 by entrepreneurs Israel Goytom and Nael Hailemeriam....

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Nasdaq Chapa Launches the First Payment Gateway in Ethiopia

"With more than 110 million people, Ethiopia is the second largest country by po...

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MarketWatch Chapa Financial Technologies launches payment gateway service in Ethiopia

"Fragmented payments in Ethiopia have been a significant problem for most Ethiop...

Accept and Make Payments Worldwide!

Grease the wheels of your sales with our services. Carry out all your transactions through various channels.

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